Leigh Ann Lipscomb is a certified Resonance Repatterning (RR) practitioner since December 2016. RR is a technique for healing and shifting our energies, particularly in regards to painful childhood memories. The basic premise is that if we have a problem, then we must resonate with that problem. In RR, we use color, movement, cranial sacral work, sound, meridian points, and more to shift our energies so that we no longer resonate with the problem.  Leigh Ann has a strong science background that allows for full understanding of energy work at the scientific level. She enjoys working with people and has helped people recover from many problems, particularly depression and anxiety, but also including abandonment, obesity, alcohol addiction, sexual abuse, and much, much more. Her style is knowledgable and competent, yet gentle and reassuring.

In session, Leigh Ann combines Resonance Repatterning with her knowledge of science and energy to help people drop the habits and patterns that are holding them back, thus allowing them greater happiness and the freedom to live life to their full potential. She works with people individually in person, on the phone, and online over Skype and Zoom.